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Investing in Silver Coins

In the current economic scenario, investing is a very difficult and complex task. Although some markets have been seeing record highs, it still depends on specific days. For most investors, it can be very hard to just hand over the money to a complete stranger, and expect this investment to roll like it did a few decades ago. These days, if you want to succeed, you need to get ahead of your previous game, and focus on other options.

According to most experts, the best place to start is silver coins. Investing in silver coins can be the best way to completely diversify your portfolio. In fact, silver coins have been quickly becoming a true savior to many broken investment portfolios.

Contrary to the common notion, this investment route is quite different from narrow and straight alternatives. You need to conduct an extensive research, and have a better idea about what to look for. Here’s some information which can help you while buying silver coins as an investment.

Types of Silver

First of all, it is very important to get acquainted with different types of silver available in the market. There are 4 different types of silver coins :

Silver Bullion Coins - This is considered to be the most genuine type of silver coins. It has a purity of 0.999 or even higher. Due to this, silver bullion coins are considered to be pure silver. Investing in silver coins is further divided into two brackets :

  • Dealer premium
  • Precious silver metal content


If you’re looking to invest in silver coins, you will be looking for these coins on the basis of their market prices according to physical investment grade silver.

Numismatic Silver Coins - For most investors, this is the favorite choice. These silver coins tend to have rare value. Due to this, they follow many different pricing factors outside the silver price spot market, including rarity, conditioning and more. These coins are further divided into three brackets :

  •  Metal content
  • Numismatic premium
  • Dealer profit


Coin collectors who’re interested in numismatic silver are considered to be lifelong enthusiasts with years of experience trading these coins.

Semi Numismatic Coins - Although these coins are also considered to be collectibles, they value is mostly based on the coins’ silver content. While investing in silver coins, these are also considered to be a good choice.

Pre 1964 Junk Silver Coins - If you’re fortunate, you may have one of these silver coins with you right now in the form of old dimes, quarters, Franklin half dollars, Morgan dollars and others. It is worth mentioning that Pre 1964 junk silver coins range from about 35% to 90% silver. These coins don’t have a lot of investment value, but more sentimental value.

Investing in Silver Coins - Making the Purchase

While investing in silver coins, you can either visit your local coin shop or make a purchase online. Before you make an investment, you will have to find out more about the dealer and silver coins. It is important to make sure that the dealer offers and publishes a competitive buyback price for your investment.
Reputed dealers always offer this deal. This will help you keep all the bases covered. Moreover, it is very important to compare a lot of different options. The lowest price does not always mean a good deal. While you want affordable prices, you also need to make sure that the value is high.