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$20 Gold Coins - St. Gaudens


The Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Coin, or double eagle, was produced by the US Mint from 1907 to 1933. The coin gets it's name from its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who designed the front or "obverse" and the reverse. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful of U.S. coins ever produced and is still widely collected.

The Saint Gaudens was created and designed by the most popular sculptor, Augustus St. Gaudens. These coins were minted between 1907 and 1933. In 1933, all $20 gold coins, and even other currency coins were discontinued. This was the time when gold ownership was outlawed. 


In the modern economy, Mint State or uncirculated gold is considered to have collectible status and numismatic value if they are recognized to have a special value to collectors of unusual and rare coins. 


This numismatic value of $2- Saint Gaudens Gold Coins is very critical to maintaining protection and privacy against any sort of government confiscation in future. It is important to understand that bullion coins which are only valued for the metal content don’t qualify as numismatics. Here are some key benefits of owning $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins. 


Protection - These gold pieces are considered to be perfect wealth preservers which you physically hold. When you own a hard asset, you’re able to control your specific financial destiny. As mentioned earlier, gold has always been considered real money. When you’re in a sinking ship, you need a life preserver. These $20 pieces can be the perfect example of such preservers.


Privacy - In the modern times, looking for assets which offer privacy can be a very difficult task. $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins are the perfect haven for people who value privacy. Since they have a status as collectibles, they can allow for the sale and purchase without 1099-B reporting required by the IRS. In addition to this, numismatic coins are also excluded from other presidential orders governing gold bullion. 


Profit Potential - Over the years, collectible gold has performed very well. The primary reason been a limited supply and increasing demand. Since the gold rush of 1979-80, $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins have seen many consistent increases in value. Numismatic coins have also been some of the top non-leveraged performers. Their value has continued to increase even during tough economic times.


Liquidity - Coins certification can add to better liquidity. It can effectively eliminate uncertainty while selling and purchasing. Since gold is considered to be universal money, they are many different locations to liquidate these certified coins. Moreover, unlike stocks, cashing out does not take a lot of time. Over the years, people have realized the numerous benefits offered by $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins. Thus, they have emerged to be an excellent way to strengthen and diversify your portfolio. 

$20 Gold Coins - Liberty

Liberty Double Eagles or $20 Liberty Gold Coins were minted from 1849-1907 when they were replaced with the St Gaudens design. The older Liberty Coin dates can be quite rare and are dated pre-civil war.

Early Gold Coins in Uncirculated condition can bring